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CARNEGIE (KDKA) — A woman in Carnegie found herself playing mother to two young deer Sunday.

According to the woman, the two fawns were in her backyard with their mother early Sunday morning when the mother took off and did not return.

One fawn immediately went over to the woman and the second soon followed, both tugging and biting at her pants.

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She says they’ve been following her everywhere. At one point, one of the fawns ran into the woods, but it did come back.

The woman has called multiple animal rescue organizations and veterinary offices, but so far, no one has been able to help.

She says she’s been feeding them coconut milk, and she fears for their safety because coyotes and a fox have been seen in the area.

Monday morning, the woman said the two fawns slept through the night in her shed. She’s still trying to find an agency to take them.