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LIGONIER (KDKA) — A recent Pitt grad has had her share of bad luck, and now she’s hoping the public can help, so she’s not out $5,000.

Phoebe Gilmore, of Ligonier, has a scar and her arm is in a sling after fracturing her sternum.

“I had to have a full reconstruction last week, so they drill holes in the bone and take cadaver tendon and loop it through,” said Gilmore, as she pointed to her collar bone.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

She was hurt while doing the right thing. She and her friends had called an Uber to go to her sorority formal.

“If we were going to drink, we didn’t want to be behind the wheel, and we figured that was the safest bet,” said Gilmore. “Obviously, it didn’t turn out so hot.”

That’s because they were hit by another car.

“It was a head-on collision,” she said. “I was in the front seat.”

While she was in the hospital, someone hit her car that was parked on Semple Street in Oakland.

She says Pitt Police gave them a photo of a possible culprit, a semi-truck she says hit other cars, too.

(Provided By: Pitt Police/Phoebe Gilmore)

She only just has liability coverage, so getting this fixed will cost her $5,000, and her mom thinks that’s really not fair.

“They don’t have the money to pay the college loans much less repairs, rent in Oakland and all the other things,” said Hilary Gilmore. “It’s unconscionable. Honestly, it really is.”

They hope the truck driver will step up.

It turns out, her parked car was damaged in another hit and run just a few months ago. She shelled out $1,400 for that. It also turns out that just three weeks before the accident in the Uber, she was in another Uber when a car rear-ended the vehicle.

“It is bad luck though for sure,” said Gilmore. “I think I just need to stay in a bubble and just sleep for a while.”

Anyone with information on the hit and run is asked to call University of Pittsburgh Police.

The good news is Gilmore graduated from Pitt and will begin law school at Penn State this fall.

David Highfield