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FORD CITY, Pa. (KDKA) – A man who tried to steal money from an 88-year-old woman got a big surprise when she fought back.

The woman, Juanita Carr, went after the guy, identified as 62-year-old James Gribble, punching him before he was arrested. Now her story is spreading far and wide.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Carr stopped at the Armstrong Associates Credit Union to withdraw $350 to pay her bills. The trouble began when she dropped the money outside.

“He picked it up (and stuck it in his back pocket),” Carr said.

Carr then followed Gribble back inside the credit union.

“I was talking to him,” Carr said. “’You have my money.’ I let him know I knew he had my money.”

(Source: Armstrong Associates Credit Union/Juanita Carr)

When Gribble fled, Carr jumped inside his car with him.

“I was hitting, I was hitting,” Carr said. “He was trying to push me out of the car and I wasn’t gonna let him push me outta the car.”

Asked if she was afraid, Carr said, “No, I wasn’t afraid. That’s why I had the strength to fight him. I just wanted my money.”

Employees at the credit union were afraid, though.

“I yelled out her name,” said Barbara Folta, of Armstrong Associates. “I yelled her name. I said, ‘No Juanita,’ so she would back off and get away from the man.”

Folta’s caution didn’t faze Carr.

“Some of ‘em was sayin’ he could’ve had a gun or a knife, Juanita,” Carr said, “or he could’ve hurt (me). I ain’t thought about him hurting me. I thought about me hurting him.”

Juanita did end up with an injury to her hand, but for her it was worth it.

Gribble sped away, but police soon caught him and arrested him. He was charged with robbery, theft and assault.