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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police are looking for suspects after thefts at two area Wendy’s fast food restaurants.

One incident happened in Edgewood, and the other in Homestead.

At the Wendy’s in Edgewood Towne Center on Friday afternoon, officials say one of the supervisors noticed a few hundred dollars missing from the cash drop box. Missing at the same time, the employee who was supposed to be manning the cash register.

wendys edgewood towne center Hundreds Of Dollars Missing From 2 Wendys, Police Investigating

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

One witness said he was wondering what was going on because there was a line of confused customers, and he noticed there was no cashier around.

Edgewood Police are handling the investigation.

But it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down the employee who officials say is believed to be responsible for the theft. That’s because there are surveillance cameras inside and outside the restaurant; and because it was an employee, Wendy’s has the suspected thief’s address and Social Security number.

The money grab in Edgewood happened a day after police were called in to investigate an apparent money theft at the Wendy’s restaurant in Homestead.

Sources say a couple of hundred dollars was missing at that location from a safe that was left unlocked on Thursday.