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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Some local rowers are making a name for themselves on the national scene. They are just back from junior nationals where they proved that they were the boat to beat.

Meet the dynamic duo: there’s 17-year-old Angelina Mico, who sits in front and sets the pace, and 15-year-old Audrey Lyda, who sits in back and steers.

“I think we both bring different strengths to the boat,” says Audrey.

They used to race against each other, but now they’ve become a pair.

“This is a chance for us to use our power and team up; and obviously, it’s benefiting in multiple ways,” said Angelina.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

These teenagers are dominating in the world of rowing.

Earlier this month, Angelina and Audrey, representing Three Rivers Rowing, headed to California to compete in the youth national championships. They had the fastest time in qualifying and the fastest time in the semis, which put them in perfect position for the finals.

“The girls executed the race plan perfectly,” said Matt Grau, of the Three Rivers Rowing Association. “They did exactly what they were they were looking to do.”

Coach Grau has been helping Angelina and Audrey get ready for months. They’ll tell you, the road to the national championship is a long one.

“We practiced eight times a week,” says Angelina. “There’s lot of work that you put in, your coaches put in, your parents put in to get your there, that your teammates do to push you.”

They spend hours, every day, working on perfection. And the rowing program at Three Rivers Rowing on Washington’s Landing in the Allegheny River is attracting young athletes who are falling in love with the sport for good reason.

“A rapidly growing college sport. An Olympic sport, and it’s the oldest intercollegiate sport and it has an exceptional amount of college scholarship opportunities,” said Grau.

Getting back to the national championships, Angelina and Audrey gave it their all in the finals, winning silver, just behind the reigning champs from Iowa.

“Our hard work definitely paid off and we are really happy about it,” said Audrey.

And they’re already thinking about 2019.

“We want gold,” Angelina says.

Here’s some great things to know about rowing: it’s great exercise, and no experience is necessary if you want to give it a try.

The youth rowing program is for kids in fourth through 12th grade. Six of their graduating seniors at Three Rivers got scholarships this year.

For more information, visit Three Rivers Rowing website here.