By Julie Grant

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GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) — If you give false information to a police officer about your identity, it is a crime in Pennsylvania.

Greensburg police said one man who did this also happened to have his real name tattooed on his neck.

“Once he realized that the officer saw the tattoo, he still tried to deny it, but eventually he realized it was hard to get out of that,” said Captain Robert Stafford of the Greensburg Police Department.

Police said the man is 35-year-old Chad Stitch, of Greensburg, not Chad Majors, as police said he told a detective when a car he was riding in was stopped on Wednesday.

“Our department had received some information about some possible drug activity occurring on South Main Street,” Capt. Stafford said.

Police said the car was speeding. When a detective pulled it over, he could smell a strong odor of marijuana and the passenger looked familiar.

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“He thought he recognized him from a previous drug arrest. He actually gave the name of Chad Majors. Then our detective noticed he had his last name tattooed on his neck,” Capt. Stafford said.

The detective had arrested Stitch in a 2012 drug case.

“Then, he realized it was definitely Chad Stitch and not Chad Majors from the tattoo,” Capt. Stafford said.

The driver was arrested for allegedly being under the influence and Stitch for alleged false identification to law enforcement.

“Once they got him back here at the police station, he had over 30 stamp bags of heroin on him, some marijuana, and some ecstasy,” Capt. Stafford said.

Stitch is facing drug charges as well.

Police said Stitch also had a warrant out for his arrest at the time for alleged drug crimes. His preliminary hearing in this case is scheduled for July 12.