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BRIDGEVILLE (KDKA) — More than 100 homes and dozens of businesses in Bridgeville reported damage after the crushing force of June’s flash floods.

Some properties had more than 6 feet of water inside.

Dozens packed a council meeting Monday night, demanding solutions.

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It ignites a lot of emotions, especially when there’s no financial aid for repairs, restoration or supplies.

“We have to give the hard answers of we don’t know what to do because they’re not giving us any avenues to give you any assistance,” borough manager Lori Collins said.

Collins is talking about FEMA. Past requests to that agency and to the Army corps of Engineers have been denied. Many property owners are urging the borough to try to do more.

“You lose everything in your building. All your contents. Thirteen employees. What’s the economic impact of everyone’s employees in here when they can’t pay a mortgage, buy cars, pay their bills and buy groceries? Let’s add up how many employees, in addition to the residents, were impacted,” business owner Karen Zatta-Martin said. “We’re talking millions and millions of dollars in this valley alone.”


Now the fear is — what happens when it rains again?

“With these storms being devastating and brutal to our community, we’re hoping we can go back to them and state now it’s been 2004, it’s been 2013, it’s been three times this year,” Collins said. “Our criteria has changed.”

But even if approved, that could take months and the waiting is taking its toll.