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BRIDGEVILLE (KDKA) — The Bridgeville Police Department says a bundle of heroin was found in a public restroom Thursday morning.

The drugs were found in the men’s room at the Rite Aid on Washington Pike before the store opened for business.

The morning clerk was doing a sweep of the store before opening. When she went into the men’s room, she found something lying on the floor.

It was ten individually wrapped bags of heroin bundled together. The bags were stamped with the words “Call of Duty.”

The chief’s best guess is that it fell out of someone’s pocket.

“Our fear is these bags were stamped with the term ‘Call of Duty.’ What young kid wouldn’t see that and associate it with the popular video game, maybe reach down, pick it up,” Bridgeville Police Chief Chad King said, “and worst case, this could have been laced with fentanyl and then you go into respiratory distress, and that’s the last thing we want to see.”

There are surveillance cameras in the store, but police don’t know what time it happened to check. There are no cameras in the bathroom, so the likelihood of ever finding out who dropped the heroin is slim.