By David Highfield

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BETHEL PARK (KDKA) — The Trolley Stop Inn in Bethel Park is back open after a frightening night of flooding last month.

Flood waters rose quickly, trapping customers inside.

(Photo Credit: Kym Gable/KDKA)

People stood on chairs and tables to escape several feet of water until rescue crews arrived.

“We tried to talk to everyone as they came out of the building just to make sure everybody was OK. There was a lot of trauma, a little nervousness. A lot of them were just like, ‘Well, we should have been here. If anything exciting happens at the Trolley, glad we were here,’” said Wendy Allen, one of the owners.

And when the water receded, mud and debris were left behind.

The place had just been remodeled, and kitchen equipment, such as refrigerators, were ruined. Damaged dry wall had to be replaced.

But Trolley Stop General Manager Rich Wolfe says what happened in the next few days was amazing to see: Employees and long-time customers showing up to help clean up.

“Without asking, [people] just showed up. Just an amazing community,” said Wolfe. “Kinda teared me up the first couple days, just to sit back and see everybody pitching in to help.”

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

He says because of that help, and the owners desire to get it reopened, they’re now back in business after a little more than three weeks.

They plan on having a special grand reopening this weekend.

David Highfield