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UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — Faithful Pets Memorial Gardens in Uniontown has been a place of quiet repose for dearly departed dogs and cats since the early ’70s.

Terry Boors has five animals buried there. He had hoped to bury his trusty lab Behr at the pet cemetery, too, but he’s not sure that’s going to happen.

“We went through a tough 48 hours this past weekend, and it’s like someone took a knife, plunged it in and twisted it,” Boors said.

According to Boors, he’s been told the cemetery is going to be sold and possibly redeveloped. He’s also concerned if the cemetery is closing, he’s due some money for a deposit on a plot for Behr and another pet.

“We paid $590 for these two pieces of ground to put the animals in the ground,” Boors said, receipt in hand.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

In addition to his money, Boors is also concerned about what’s going to happen to all of the animals buried there if the place is redeveloped.

“I’ve had animals for 50 years. Five of them are buried here. If that doesn’t tell you something… speaks for itself, they’re our family,” Boors said.

It turns out, the original owner of the property has passed away. KDKA-TV News reached out to the owner’s daughter, who says the family is in the process of settling the man’s estate.

They confirmed the family is looking to sell the property, but only as a pet cemetery.

As for his money, they plan on settling up with Boors.