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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Three juveniles have been arrested and others are being sought following a rash of vehicle break-ins in several different communities overnight.

A group of Pittsburgh teens traveling through Etna, driving two stolen cars, didn’t get far when police pulled them over and ran their plates during a traffic stop.

Three juveniles were taken into custody. The driver now faces charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle and receiving stolen property.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Three others fled on foot and police believe they ended up in Sharpsburg and may have ended up on surveillance video.

“I had two officers out last night overnight, they actually went down Middle Street and some of the side streets and they came across two vehicles with their interior lights on indicating that someone was in the vehicle,” Sharpsburg Police Chief Thomas Stelitano said.

While police didn’t catch that group of teens, cameras installed throughout the borough did. A teen can be seen trying to get into the back of an SUV, a Jeep Wrangler and a sedan.

Police received at least four break-in calls for cars parked down Middle Street and speculate when they fled from police out of the car with their friends, they ended up making their way through Sharpsburg.

A resident on Middle Street said it’s not the first time it’s happened this summer.

“The lady there I think she had to pay to get her window fixed, I think it cost her $400 and she had to get her windshield fixed because her insurance wouldn’t cover it. It’s hard. I couldn’t afford $400,” Dennis Gratter said.

The chief says smaller communities like Sharpsburg are perfect for crimes of opportunities, especially if you add in cars left unlocked along the streets. along streets left unlocked.

“They’re just looking for quick cash or something they can take out of the car,” Chief Stelitano said.

Police said car break-ins and thefts were reported in Etna, Sharpsburg and O’Hara Township over the past few weeks.