Man Also Accused Of Punching Daughter, Cutting Her Boyfriend With Knife

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GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A man who allegedly has Hepatitis C is accused of throwing his blood on his daughter after attacking her and her boyfriend.

Neighbors say James E. Briggs III is usually a man of calm demeanor.

“Always friendly, always asking how are you doing, how’s your day going?” Robert Juliano said.

“He’s always outside playing his guitar. Even if it’s just by himself, he says it calms himself,” Taylor Glunt said.

According to Greensburg Police, however, the 44-year-old man was anything but calm Tuesday.

Briggs is under arrest after allegedly punching his own daughter and cutting her boyfriend inside a Cambria Circle Apartment.

“That stuff’s crazy,” Juliano said.

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It all started when police say a heavily intoxicated Briggs entered his adult daughter’s apartment, pulled her by the hair then punched her in the mouth. He came back Wednesday morning with a knife.

“Crazy stuff. Wake up in the morning to hear that next door,” Juliano said.

After beating on his daughter’s apartment door, the woman’s boyfriend answered. Police say Briggs immediately entered the dwelling, pulled out the knife and went after his terrified daughter. The woman’s boyfriend jumped on Briggs, trying to grab the knife.

Briggs allegedly told the man, “I’ll just stab you now.” He did manage to cut the man on the hand.

“I’ve never seen him act like that before, especially with his family,” Juliano said.

Briggs, who was apparently also cut during the incident, then walked outside, but not before allegedly throwing his blood on his daughter. Police say Briggs is supposedly Hepatitis C positive.

“I just think that Jim was messed up, probably. Like didn’t have the right sense of mind, which doesn’t give him permission or the right in any way, but…” Glunt said.

Briggs, who lives near his daughter’s apartment, fled to his apartment after the alleged attack. He allegedly resisted arrest when police caught up with him.

He’s facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault and stalking.