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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A video of a local dad surprising his daughter with the dress she dreamed of for a school dance has gone viral.

Her dad works three jobs and despite a big price tag, he made it work.

“I tried it on, and I was like this is a really nice dress,” said 14-year-old Nevaeha Smith of Finleyville, Washington County. “I was in love with it!”

The dress would be for her eighth grade formal. Trouble was, it was $200.

She didn’t think it was even possible.

“I understand why he wasn’t able to afford it,” Nevaeha said.

Her dad, Ricky Smith, works at Circle K, Popeye’s and McDonald’s.

Even though money is tight, he was determined to make his daughter’s dream come true and surprised her in a video shot by her mom.


She expected another dress, but then her dad opened the garment bag.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God! This is the dress! This is the dress I wanted!'” Nevaeha said.

Both father and daughter got kind of emotional.

“It made me feel good. It honestly made me feel good,” Ricky Smith said. “It made me feel like it was about time I was able to do something for her.”

So Nevaeha wore the dress of her dreams to the dance and had a blast.

(Photo Courtesy: Nevaeha Smith)

But most of all, she appreciates what her dad did to make her smile.

“I was really grateful that he got me the dress. I was really overwhelmed, and it meant a lot to me,” Nevaeha said.

The video of the dress reveal has gotten almost 13 million views. Their story has even been reported by Teen Vogue.

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