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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s been a busy day for crews working to clear a train derailment in Station Square, but there is some good news for commuters.

Seven rail cars on a 7,600-foot-long Norfolk Southern double-stack intermodal train derailed Sunday afternoon, which has created a traffic and commuting nightmare for some.

As of noon, four containers and at least two rail cars remained on the hillside. Norfolk Southern is hoping to have the mainline back open within 24 to 36 hours. They will also help the Port Authority with reopening the Light Rail tracks.

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Earlier, a container was pushed down the hillside and detergent started to leak out. Once the containers fall down the hillside, they will be pushed on the rail line.

City officials said they’ll need to move the remaining containers and then push them down the hill, too.

As for all of the cargo, like Listerine mouthwash and diapers inside the containers the question is what happens to it?

“Some of it obviously got destroyed as it was coming down the hillside. Right now if you were able to see the other side, they’re going through the one container on the top of the last car. Theyre going through that trying to unload it to try to lessen the weight. If successful in bringing the containers down, they’ll try to go through here if not it will be flatbedded to their facility and they’ll go through it,” Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich said.

After the containers were removed, crews used a large crane to pick up a rail car and placed it on the ground nearby.

Last night, there was one injury. A contractor sliced his arm on a metal chain. He was taken to the hospital, received stitches and was released.

The Panhandle Bridge was closed while crews pulled down containers Tuesday morning, but it has reopened.

More information on the detours can be found at

Carson Street is closed from Arlington Avenue to the Fort Pitt Bridge, and pedestrians and buses are able to use the Smithfield Street Bridge.

The Mt. Washington transit tunnel opened back up to buses this morning. Those buses will also be using the Smithfield Street Bridge to head into Downtown.

Light rail vehicles are still unable to serve the Station Square stop while crews work to remove the rail cars. There is no timetable on when service will be restored to that area.