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UNIONTOWN, Pa. (AP) – The Pennsylvania Republican Party wants an investigation into a promotion by Fayette County Democrats at the recent county fair to get people to register as Democrats or change party affiliation.

The GOP says the offer of Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia and a one-night stay at a western Pennsylvania resort violated the state Elections Code .

Fayette County Democratic chairman George Rattay says when his group learned it might not be legal to link the giveaway with voter registration it was expanded to let anyone sign up who stopped by their booth, then they canceled the giveaway altogether.

Rattay says the local party purchased the Steelers gear itself and the one-night stay was a private donation and not from the resort.

The county elections office says its solicitor is reviewing the matter.

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Comments (12)
  1. Why should it matter? The Democrats always run on giving people free stuff paid for by other people’s money!

  2. Half pint of whisky might work for some or Boone’s Farm Apple wine for the others.

  3. “when his group learned it might not be legal…” so the group didn’t research ahead of time (because they LEARNED this only after being challenged on it), and that it might not be legal (because they MIGHT have thought it was??)…so many things wrong it just that one statement alone…sigh…

  4. Brian Martin says:

    It’s against the law! Pay a fine, go to jail or both. No vote should be bought. The fact that it happens doesn’t make it right.

  5. How about that Mayor Candidate who handing $$ Bills for prospective voters?

  6. Media/Hollywood/Leftist Elites buy Democratic politicians. Democratic politicians buy voters. Voters can’t afford to buy anything. It’s all part of the plan.

  7. Wow! Are the Democrats desperate or what? LMAO x 10 !!

  8. They’re not kidding anyone, they knew this was illegal but did it anyway because they’re Dems and should be able to do “””whatever they want to do””””

  9. jay10940 says:

    Just tell me the night that Dems planned for Nemacolin so I can stay away. Can’t stand the smell.

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