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UNIONTOWN (KDKA) – Several vehicles and homes have been damaged by people throwing rocks and now police in Fayette County believe they have a good lead on who is responsible.

They just hope they can catch the person before someone gets hurt.

Photo Credit: KDKA

For about the past two weeks, someone has declared open war on homes and businesses.

According to the Uniontown Police, the vandals struck multiple structures with rocks shattering dozens of windows. Connellsville Street, Evans Street and Prospect Streets are seeing the worst of it.

“Well, they got two for me and two for the lady across the street,” said Jack Cooper.

“I thought maybe the air conditioner was blowing the curtains in the dining room and here and there was glass laying all over the floor,” Martha Cumashot said.

Now, in addition to throwing rocks at structures, police say individuals are throwing rocks at moving vehicles.

“Idiots,” Tim Mahoney said. “When they’re throwing rocks at buildings that’s one thing. When they’re throwing rocks at moving cars that’s a different thing.”

Investigators say several motorists reported windshields shattering and other vehicle damage.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Uniontown Police at (724)-430-2929 or Fayette County Crime Stoppers at (724)-320-2042.