No Timetable For Restoration Of T Service To Station Square

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There is some good news for motorists following Sunday’s train derailment near Station Square.

After being closed for days, the Smithfield Street Bridge is now open to all traffic. West Carson Street is also open between the Fort Pitt Bridge and the Smithfield Street Bridge.

The Mon Incline reopened on Wednesday as well.

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Pittsburgh Public Safety re-opened East Carson Street between Arlington Avenue and the Smithfield Street Bridge around 4:30 p.m. for the afternoon rush Thursday.

Because the road has reopened, the Wabash Tunnel can open for inbound traffic Friday morning.

The only lane that remains closed on East Carson Street is the lane closest to the T tracks so the Port Authority can continue to inspect the lines.

Crews have been working day and night to clear away any remaining mud and debris so they can finally make this happen.

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A clearer picture is emerging about the extent of the damage to Pittsburgh’s light rail system.

The debris and wreckage has now been removed from the Port Authority’s T tracks near the Station Square Station, but it’s going to take more time for everything to get back to normal.

A team of about 50 engineers, maintenance workers and Port Authority crews assessed damage to the system near the train wreck site Thursday.

“Today was the first day they could really get a good look at the damage and to assess what’s going to be needed to repair and get the line back up and running,” Port Authority spokesman Adam Brandolph said.

Brandolph said the Port Authority determined that about 1,600 feet of T track needs to be replaced.

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Also in need of replacement, 4,000 feet of cables plus the support system for the cabling used to keep the cable cars in operation. Part of the retaining wall that was damaged must be rebuilt.

Concrete work beneath the damaged tracks also needs replacement.

As for the T station itself, it did not appear to be damaged. But there’s no timetable on when the station will reopen to the public.

The Port Authority says it’s keeping a running tally on all the repair costs, and it wants Norfolk Southern to pay the bill.