By Amy Wadas

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BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) – A man was shot and killed after allegedly attacking a pizza delivery driver in Beaver County.

The car the Domino’s Pizza delivery man was driving was surrounded in evidence markers early Friday morning.

Amanda Blackwell heard commotion outside of an apartment on Second Avenue in Beaver Falls just after midnight.

“I heard the gunshot from my bedroom. I came downstairs and watched him call 911. Went over and asked him if he was okay. He told me he didn’t know and told me to go back in the house until the cops came,” Blackwell said.

beaver falls Police: Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots, Kills Attacker In Beaver Falls

Photo Credit: KDKA-TV/Brian Smithmyer

Alyse Clark was in the apartment the pizza was delivered to.

“It was my boyfriend’s roommate who ordered the pizza and she just went up there, gave him money, everything seemed fine,” Clark said.

However, when the pizza delivery driver walked back to his car, police said a man tried to rob him and stabbed him.

The Beaver County Coroner has identified the man as 29-year-old Ryan Cornelius Leonard.

“As of now, we confirmed the actual ordering of the pizza was not connected to the actual robbery,” said Beaver Falls Police Chief John DeLuca.

Police believe the pizza delivery driver managed to grab a gun he kept in his car and shot Leonard.

After Leonard was shot, he ran almost a block down the street, collapsed on the steps of someone’s front porch and that’s where police found him dead.

“I heard him call out for help. He said help. Help. Help,” said Tony Pope.

Pope, who lives nearby, saw Leonard pass out on the steps and watched him die.

“It was crazy. I just wish I had no nightmares over it,” said Pope.

“This street has never been like this. I’ve lived here for five years. This is the first time this craziness has happened,” said Tonia Johnson.

The delivery driver was taken to the hospital, but there is no word on his condition.

It is unclear if the pizza delivery driver will face any charges.

Comments (7)
  1. Police are investigating to see if the driver should be charged? Or is that a misprint someone typing in charged when he meant rewarded.

  2. Why should this man face charges? He was being robbed and got stabbed. He merely defended himself against an attacker. This will be interesting to see, if his relatives come out and say it wasn’t fair. Their son wouldn’t do anything like that. He would never hurt anybody. Why did the guy have to shoot him? He should be charged with something. I guess this time, the blacks have nothing they can say was unfair.

    1. Jonah Kyle says:

      Because he’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Unfortunately, in this day and age, he will be found guilty, and if he’s white, he’ll be judged guilty and later be carried out by 6 from prison. Can’t win either way.

  3. Whether or not the driver faces charges, Dominos will fire him due to their no weapons policy for drivers. That’s right. If you work for Dominos, you can’t protect yourself with a weapon.

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