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WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — Another day of rainy weather meant more reports of flooding around the area – this time in Washington County.

Every time it rains heavily in Washington, the lower section of West Chestnut Street gets flooded; but Friday afternoon, the surge of water that gushed out of a nearby storm pipe – down the road from Washington Crown Center Mall – may have been the most water that section of the city has received.

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Baylee Lester and her mom took cell phone video of the flooding. She works at a nearby business and has a clear view of the area.

“It’s a mess, really,” said Lester. “It just gushes and gushes and it doesn’t help with litter in the drains, and about 10 minutes after it rains, it’s knee deep.”

Water surrounded the Marathon gas station, rising high around the pumps. People use to the flooding say it has destroyed many a car.

“It actually ruined my boyfriend’s truck one time, not even when it was knee deep. His exhaust was wet, his engine was wet, it was smoking,” Lester said.

But the concern is someone will get hurt. PennDOT came out to close the intersection.

“I’m just wondering why no one takes responsibility for it because it’s not on our property, and, you know, Bob Evans won’t say anything, and I think there is going to be a meeting on the 20th because it’s been deemed a public,” Lester said.

PennDOT says people are still going through high water and they are urging motorists of the danger this poses. PennDOT also says it has been a monumental year for flooding and road closures.

By late Friday night, the water had receded and the intersection at West Chestnut Street had reopened.

On Monday, PennDOT is meeting with area township supervisors to work out a plan to fix the flooding problems from the drainage pipe that is deluging the roadway repeatedly. KDKA-TV News will bring you the outcome of any resolution that comes out of that meeting.