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SEWICKLEY BOROUGH (KDKA) — A man who was accused of robbing a Sewickley bank in May admitted to cooking meth after a fire broke out at his home Saturday.

Officers were sent to a home in the 800 block of Hopkins Street just before 11 p.m. for a report of a possible clandestine lab and a report of a fire in a basement.

The fire was at the residence of 58-year-old Stephen Mattie, who was accused of robbing a bank in May.

When officers arrived on the scene, there was smoke coming from the basement door and the front door of the home. Mattie was seen repeatedly trying to enter the side door of the home.

Firefighters went into the home to contain the fire. While inside, the assistant fire chief saw suspicious materials on a dryer. The fire marshal was called to investigate.

According to a criminal complaint, authorities did determine there was a clandestine lab in the house and Mattie was placed into investigatory detention as a result.

Mattie told officers he had placed a cigarette on the dryer, then went to watch TV and fell asleep. He said he woke up choking on smoke.

Officers asked Mattie about the suspicious items on the dryer, and he admitted he was trying to make meth.

When an officer asked how long Mattie had been cooking meth, Mattie allegedly asked, “When did I rob the bank?” An officer told him “around May,” and Mattie replied, “I have been cooking since before I robbed the bank.”

Mattie is facing multiple charges, including operating a meth lab and dumping waste, causing or risking a catastrophe, and recklessly endangering another person.