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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — U.S. Sen. John McCain is stopping all further medical treatment, his family said on Friday.

The 81-year old Vietnam War hero, one-time presidential nominee, and 32-year veteran of the U.S. Senate has been undergoing treatment for cancer.

In a statement the family said, “Last summer, Sen. John McCain shared with Americans the news our family already knew: he had been diagnosed with an aggressive glioblastoma, and the prognosis was serious. In the year since, John has surpassed expectations for his survival. But the progress of disease and the inexorable advance of age render their verdict. With his usual strength of will, he has now chosen to discontinue medical treatment.”

McCain’s Pennsylvania colleagues tweeted supported for the Arizona senator.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey: “I’m praying for Senator John McCain and his family during this time. Our nation continues to be grateful for his lifetime of service.”

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey: “My prayers are with John, and the entire McCain family right now. I wish them all peace and comfort in this most difficult time.”

McCain was no stranger to western Pennsylvania.

In fact, he chose Washington, Pennsylvania, for his first campaign rally to introduce his 2008 running mate — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — to the nation.

Earlier that summer, after a traditional visit to Primanti’s in the Strip District, he and his wife Cindy sat down for a one-on-one interview with KDKA political editor Jon Delano.

A congenial and straight-talking conservative, McCain has always been a bit of a maverick.

After brain surgery last year, he returned to the Senate to a standing ovation, but then shocked many in his party by voting with Democrats against the repeal of Obamacare.

When his health took a turn in December, he left Washington for Arizona where he has been ever since.

As many of you may know from your own family experience, the decision to stop medical treatment is a brave and difficult one.

But for McCain — starved, beaten, and brutalized for five years in a North Vietnamese prison camp and who refused to be released early by the Vietnamese before his fellow POWs were — tough decisions have been his hallmark.

Words of support have been pouring in from across the political spectrum.

But no word yet, as of late Friday afternoon, from President Donald Trump who once mocked McCain for being shot down and captured over Vietnam.