Borough Officials Say Couple Will Have To Take Them To Court Over Fix

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DRAVOSBURG (KDKA) — A couple in Dravosburg can’t get in or out of their garage.

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They say the borough is at fault and want it to be fixed, but the borough says they’ll have to take them to court.

“This is where the street used to be,” said Lana Urbansky, as she pointed to just below the steep slope off on the edge of Sixth Street that’s making their garage useless.

Ron Urbansky said: “A car would get on top of it, and it would just teeter. The frame would hang up on the driveway.”

“Through the years, they kept putting blacktop, blacktop, blacktop,” said Lana.

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She says she went to council about it twice before with no resolution, so they just quit using their garage.

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But now that they want to sell their home and can’t because of the garage issue, they’re asking for help.

The road is now 17 inches higher than their driveway.

According to a letter from the borough’s engineer, it would cost $93,000 to lower the whole street. Another option might be to raise the garage.

But Dravosburg Council President Jay McKelvey says they don’t have the money to do either. His advice for the Urbanskys is for them to get a lawyer.

He also disputes how many times the street has been paved, and also the number of times in the last 10 years that the Urbanskys have contacted council about it.

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Lana Urbansky is clearly frustrated: “I don’t expect them to spend $93,000, like this letter says, but I mean, we’ve been good citizens all our lives. I like my borough, but come on.”