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WEST NEWTON (KDKA) – Residents in West Newton, Westmoreland County, are trying to piece together their belongings after the Yough River flooded many of their homes.

On Tuesday morning, people gathered to begin the clean-up. Nicole and Mark Shedlock thought they were being proactive by moving everything from the basement into the first floor, but the river ended up flooding the entire main level.

“We got at least two feet in the main level,” said Nicole.

“We lost everything,” said Mark.

Teachers from a nearby elementary school brought supplies to help start the long clean-up process.

“You can see the devastation that’s here,” said Stephanie Bogac. “We have a good many of our students that are affected by it. That’s what motivates us.”

Another resident who moved his car to the top of his driveway but instead the river consumed his vehicle, forcing him to pull his car out of the river.

“It was further down in the driveway and we got it down to the end figuring that it wouldn’t come up higher than that,” said Perry. “By that point, at night, it was already getting covered.”

Resident in West Newton say that they had flooding before, but nothing like this in the past.

West Newton Mayor Mary Popovich is trying to help her citizens out in any way she can.

“I’m doing everything I can to reach out to other resources to see what I can do to help them,” said Popovich.