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CHURCHILL (KDKA) — Kimberly Davis has been on CBS’s hit daytime gameshow, “Let’s Make a Deal,” before.

A few years back, the Churchill native walked away with nothing after getting a bad hand in a game of “High or Low.” But this time it would be different.

Back at home on Wednesday, Kimberly watched her appearance with friends and family. All with the same excitement she showed on stage.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Ever the gambler, Kimberly traded in a $9,000 trip for a chance at the big deal and whatever was behind door number one. Turns out, it was worth it.

Not only did she win a seven-night trip to Barcelona, Spain, she also took home a new Mitsubishi Mirage.

“I only went to LA just to play that game,” said Kimberly. “I went in, went to that, and that was it, but when I won and they were saying, ‘Go get your car,’ I broke down a started crying and just started singing, ‘Thank you, Lord.’”

For Kimberly, she didn’t just view it as redemption for the game show, but also a redemption in life.

It had been a tough couple years.

She suffered a serious concussion when she was attacked by a patient at her old job, and the toxic work environment wasn’t doing any favors either.

God is in control all the time, and so when you let go and let Him take care of those people how seek to destroy you and everything that you have, He’ll be the one who will redeem you,” Kimberly said.

Right now, Kimberly is still soaking in the victory.

“I have not let go of feeling so good. It reminded me the spirit that I’ve always had,” she said.

Kimberly says she’s picking up her new car by the end of the month. As for her travel partner to Spain, she’s bringing her oldest daughter, Ashley.