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TURTLE CREEK (KDKA) — A nurse from Turtle Creek is planning to file an official complaint with the state after she says paramedics refused to transport her teenage daughter to the hospital to be treated for second-degree burns.

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Jenise Brown is a senior at Woodland Hills High School. Like most teens, she likes a snack when she gets home from school. This time, a microwaved pot pie. What Brown didn’t plan on is what happened next.

“As I walked, the plate like tilted over the the pot pie fell on me and all of the broth spilled out onto my leg. It was so hot,” said Jenise.

The spilled pie filling left a large burned area on the top of her left thigh. Jenise was surprised at the extent of the pain.

“My leg was on fire. It was really searing. I dropped down to the floor, and I just was like screaming,” she said.

(Source: Brown Family)

Jenise called 911, but when paramedics from Eastern Area Prehospital Services arrived, she says they told her they didn’t see any need to transport her to the hospital.

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“One guy told me to run cold water on it, and the woman said to put like a frozen bag of mixed vegetables on it,” Jenise said.

Her mother, Freeda Brown, couldn’t believe their reaction.

“It is a second-degree burn, which means the skin is completely off, all the nerve endings are exposed, just sitting there,” she said.

Medics did return after local police got involved and transported the teen to Children’s Hospital. Still, Brown’s mother is a nurse and can’t believe it took three 911 calls to get her daughter to the hospital.

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The ambulance service declined any comment on the incident.

“There’s things that show that they came here and refused to take her and didn’t take her, so you can’t take that out of the 911 information,” said Freeda. “I’m a nurse and I know what they are supposed to do, so it could have happened to an average joe who doesn’t know any better.”

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The Browns have already consulted an attorney and plan to file an official complaint with the state. Jenise is set to see a burn specialist next week.

Lynne Hayes-Freeland