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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A local pre-school has been selected to participate in a national study on what toys kids like best.

Fifty Goddard School locations across the country were selected to participate in the testing, including the Wexford location.

Pre-schoolers, from birth to age 6, were given a wide range of toys to play with for a week. Teachers will observe which ones the children like best.

One involves coloring with clay. Another variation for older kids uses clay to construct the body of a dinosaur.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Beckah Spangler teaches kindergarteners and says the toy test provides great teaching tools.

“I think the most engaging thing about these types of toys is that it utilizes all of their senses. You know, they are touching. They are feeling. They are listening. They are communicating. And so, the more of that they can get involved with — just the more interactive and the more enjoyment they are going to get out of the toy,” Spangler said.

Parents like the fact that there are all different kinds of things to try.

“My kids are definitely more into technology so anything that has lights or whistles or does something, that is what they are going to gravitate toward,” Monica Chaudry, a mother, said.

“They are learning how to solve problems, how to get along, how to communicate effectively. What ways work when you are trying to solve a problem. What ways might not work so well. It’s all that trial and error as they are playing,” Spangler said.

The results will be announced Nov. 1 with the top 10 pre-schooler approved toys – just in time for the holidays.