By Andy Sheehan

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Chunks of concrete, big and small, are falling from the Parkway East into the Pittsburgh neighborhood known as The Run. It’s a real danger to families and small children traveling underneath or living nearby.

“I was stuck with a piece of concrete, my wife was almost struck with two pieces of concrete, my home was almost struck, and that’s the mess they leave,” said Tom D’Andrea, who lives nearby.

parkway east

Photo Credit: (KDKA)

The neighborhood has been under siege.

Three weeks of jackhammering all through the night by PennDOT resurfacing crews; and this weekend, a shower of loose concrete raining down on the street below.

But KDKA’s story prompted an immediate action by PennDOT and it’s contractor, Swank. They have ceased the jackhammering for the time being, and on Tuesday, cordoned off one lane of Four-Mile Run and stationed a worker to keep folks from any danger areas.

“They should have big nets that catches that stuff. That’s one mistake they didn’t do,” said neighbor Mike Labishak.

PennDOT says it will also be requiring the contractor to put up netting, but in a statement declined further comment, saying the falling concrete is still under an internal investigation.

“Safety is a concern for the Department, and a thorough investigation is underway. As such, we are not yet able to speak to incomplete investigation results.”