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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A pizza delivery driver was shot and killed in the city’s East End during a robbery over the weekend.

Now, as family and friends mourn and police continue to investigate, a woman who lost her husband to similar a situation is speaking out about gun violence.

“I pray for the family that’s going through this right now because I’ve been there, I’ve done that,” said widow Lydia Williams.

Domino’s delivery driver AbdulGhaniyu Sanusi, 56, of Lincoln-Lemington, was shot and killed on Saturday afternoon while making a pizza delivery on North St. Clair Street.

“He was a father, he was a husband, somebody’s son, somebody’s brother,” Lydia said.

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Lydia lost her husband to the same type of gun violence that occurred this past weekend in East Liberty.

Her 35-year-old husband, Christopher, was delivering pizzas one night about 13 years ago when he was fatally shot.

The couple had been married for just 3½ months. No one has ever been arrested and charged in the case. She says she’d like to confront her husband’s killer someday.

“Was it worth $20 to take a life? That’s what I would love to ask this guy. I would love to know, why?” said Lydia. “Was it worth it? Was it worth $20? ‘Cause if you would have just said, ‘Give me your money,” I’m sure he would have just said, ‘Here.’”

Williams says she routinely stays in touch with Allegheny County Police detectives about her husband’s case. But painful memories were brought back after she heard about Sanusi’s murder over the weekend.

“It’s gut-wrenching, because I know, I know what this family is going through,” Lydia said. “He’s just out there trying to make money, trying to doing his job, provide for his family and do what’s right, can’t even to that.”

Lydia and Christopher Williams (Image Provided by Lydia Williams)

Williams says her husband had just started his shift when he was gunned down that fateful night.

She prays that Sanusi’s family will soon get the peace of mind and closure that she is still waiting for.

“I hope they catch whoever has done this, I hope that family gets the peace that they need, gets their justice,” Lydia said. “I want my justice. I want nothing more than to have my husband’s killer brought to justice.”

Funeral arrangements for Sanusi include a prayer service Tuesday afternoon at the Attawheed Islamic Center in Carnegie, followed by his burial at Chartiers Cemetery.