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BROOKLINE (KDKA) – Police say someone fatally shot a family cat with an arrow in Brookline.

Today, Pittsburgh Police took to the streets to try to uncover more on what happened.

Two humane officers are now going door-to-door along Elmbank Street. They say any tiny piece of information could help them solve the case.

“I haven’t seen anything like this in quite a while,” Officer Christine Luffey said.

(Photo Courtesy: Orr Family)

Officer Luffey said she’s heartbroken to hear about the tragic passing of Ollie the cat.

“Well, basically the family is heartbroken. It was very important that they filed an official police report so we could begin an investigation,” Officer Luffey said.

Nathan Orr, Ollie’s owner, said it’s been a few days, but the traumatic experience is still so raw.

“I thought my cat was fighting with another cat and I looked out the window and he had an arrow through his back and out of its chest and unfortunately, my kids also witnessed that. They looked when I realized something was wrong,” Orr said.

Orr’s kids, ages 6 and 3, were forced to say goodbye when the vet told them the news – the arrow pierced Ollie’s lungs.

(Photo Courtesy: Orr Family)

His little boys now draw pictures of Ollie in better days, and Orr waits for police to reach out.

“It’s not a good first brush with a loved one passing on. It was a cat, but it was part of our family,” Orr said.

“Our plan today is to speak with as many residents as possible to see if they saw anything or know anything about this case,” Officer Luffey said.

Officer Luffey understands that Orr’s cat only ran out into the backyard, but she wants this to serve as a reminder to all pet owners.

“Please, I tell everyone, keep your cats inside. The dangers that they face are being hit by a vehicle, contract diseases from other animals, injured by other animals or unfortunately they can be the victims of human cruelty. It’s best that cats remain indoors,” she said.

Even though a lot of people had left for work, Officer Luffey is leaving a flyer on the door with information.

If you’d like to donate to help cover the Orr family’s veterinarian bills, click here