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NORTH STRABANE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A case alleging homicide by vehicle while DUI is moving forward against a Monongahela woman.

What makes it even more tragic is that the young woman who was killed was her best friend.

North Strabane Township Police are alleging that Tyra Daube was driving while high on marijuana when she crashed her car, injuring herself and killing her passenger, who was her best friend.

“She lost her best friend from childhood, and the emotional scars have yet to heal, and I don’t think they will ever heal,” said Blaine Jones, Daube’s attorney.

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Police said on March 18, 2017, around 3:30 p.m., the 21-year-old Daube was driving a white Dodge Neon south on Route 19 when she crossed over the cement medial strip, hitting a red Chevy Traverse.

Elizabeth Bright, 20, was riding in the front passenger seat and was killed in the crash.

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Photo: Amy Wadas

“We waived the charges. We’re working on potentially getting the best result for Miss Daube down the road. Additionally, she didn’t want to put the family of her very close friend Miss Bright, she didn’t want to put them through the pain and anguish of hearing any of the details,” said Jones.

When police got on scene, they reported smelling an odor of burnt marijuana in the car.

Police also said Daube admitted to smoking marijuana before the crash and could not remember what happened.

“The emotional toll, psychological toll, the pain that comes along with those things is, unfortunately, something that Miss Daube realizes she’ll have for the rest of her life. And she misses her best friend,” said Jones.

Her formal arraignment is on Nov 29. Right now, she is out on bond.