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PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — The second-largest lottery prize in United States history was up for grabs Friday night as the winning numbers were drawn for the Mega Millions jackpot.

Those numbers are 15, 23, 53, 65 and 70 and the MegaBall 7.

Lottery officials increased the grand prize to an estimated $1 billion just hours ahead of the drawing. The prize climbed from $970 million.

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Although the jackpot continued to increase, the odds of winning remained stuck at a miserable one in 302.5 million. No one has hit the jackpot since July 24.

The $1 billion prize refers to the annuity option. Most winners opt for cash, which for Friday night’s drawing would be $565 million.

With that kind of payout, Pittsburghers were out getting their tickets.

At the GetGo in Ross Township, the workers behind the counter said they barely had a chance to sit down all day. At times, the line for tickets was 30-40 people deep and 20 minutes long.

“I figured all it takes is just one, so one Powerball and one MegaBall ticket,” said Heather Sallis. “Hopefully, that will do it.”

“I got 10 quick-pick tickets,” added Fran Cerveny.

As they waited in line, many were daydreaming about what they’d do if they win all that cash.

“Give money to my kids and my grandkids, and probably invest the rest,” said another person buying tickets.

“I’ll probably give most of it away, I don’t need a billions dollars,” Ed Eppich said.

The philanthropic aspirations sounded great to Cerveny, too, but he says if he’s lucky enough to win, he has big plans.

“Hawaii, move there,” he said laughing.

Officials say that if there isn’t a winner, the prize for next Tuesday night’s drawing would be $1.6 billion, tying the largest U.S. lottery prize.

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