PITTSBURGH (The Patch.com) — Anyone who has ever been in the place knows it’s worthy of the title – and now it’s official.

Gooski’s has been named one of the nation’s 33 best dive bars by Thrillist, the website specializing in food, drink, travel and entertainment topics.

Thrillist also considers the venerable Polish Hill hole-in-the wall “the best dive in a city blessed with more of them than most towns twice its size.” High praise indeed.

“This is a legend, a place where stiff drinks are paired with legendary pierogies and a welcome dose of no-nonsense sarcasm from the bartenders, who make no qualms with interrupting a barside make-out sesh,” Thrillist wrote. “That’s probably for the best. Wings give you bad breath, and you’re probably going to regret your decision once you inevitably re-enter a world cursed with natural lighting.”

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