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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There was no way he was getting inside!

“He was found on the roof of the Duquesne Club,” says Katie Kefalos, the manager of the Wildlife Center at Humane Animal Rescue.

Far short of the club’s dress code, the wayward fox scampered around the roof while the club took pictures and awaited Pittsburgh Animal Control. It took a while, foxes move very quickly, but eventually they corralled the fully-mature gray fox and took him to the Humane Animal Rescue’s Wildlife Rehab Center in Verona.

Kefalos says, “He’s in good condition. We gave him a full medical examination and there’s nothing wrong with him.”

(Photo Credit: Humane Animal Rescue)

The Duquesne Club fox is not the first fox to spend some time at the Verona facility. In fact, there’s a pen of silver foxes.

But, the Duquesne Club critter has private accommodations and a minimum of human interaction. Kefalos says they’re trying to minimize his stress.

“I would say definitely very nervous. He doesn’t need to be here other than the fact of where he was found,” she said.

The staff at the club and at the wildlife center all have the same question.

“We can’t figure out how he got on top of the roof,” says Kefalos, “but they can climb trees, grey foxes in particular, can climb.”

But Kefalos adds where he was found presents a problem for his release, “because we can’t really put him back Downtown.”

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is looking for a new home, and there are gray foxes that live on the fringe of Downtown Pittsburgh.

Once a location is identified, he’ll be on his way and the staff at the Wildlife Center will be wondering, what’s next?

“Recently we had the bobcat on the Gateway Clipper Fleet,” says Kefalos, ”But besides that we haven’t had anything strange like this show up, but you never know.”