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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh man was called to “come on down” on “The Price Is Right” on Thursday.

Eric Matava wore a short that read “How much yinz want fer ‘at?” alongside the show’s logo, and the Pittsburghese caught the attention of host Drew Carey.

pittsburgh the price is right eric matava Watch: Man In Pittsburghese The Price Is Right Shirt Called To Come On Down

(Photo Credit: CBS)

Carey: “All the way from Pittsburgh, I guess?”
Matava: “Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.”
Carey: “Yinz got pretty lucky, I’ll tell you what der.”
Matava: “Yep.”
Carey: “He’s gonna have to worsh his car later on or something. He’s gonna worsh up. Go dahntahn, get some eggs, n’at.”

Matava played Double Prices for a chance to win a barbecue patio and dining set, but he didn’t guess the correct price.

Then, at a chance to win to get into the Showcase Showdown, Matava lost out again.