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SQUIRREL HILL (KDKA) – People have been gathering to remember the victims of Saturday’s shooting and to comfort one another.

Eleven people lost their lives and several others were injured, including four police officers. Now, the memorial outside of the synagogue continues to grow.

Flowers, candles and a Star of David bearing the name of each of the 11 victims have been added.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

For at least the next week, this crime scene will be blocked off. The crime tape is still up and pairs of officers sit at every nearby intersection.

Every street that runs between Murray and Shady is blocked in the neighborhood. Officials are asking for neighbors to be patient and for people who travel through Squirrel Hill to find ways to avoid this area.

On Sunday, thousands flocked to Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Oakland for a vigil. Only 2,000 could fit inside, but everyone else stood outside in the rain.


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers spoke for the first time since the tragic incident.

“I began services at 9:45, the shooting started a few minutes after. There were 12 of us in the sanctuary at the time and as is customary in the Jewish faith and I’ve also seen it in other faiths all the early people sit in the back,” Myers said. “I helped pull out the people I could from the front. But, alas, I had eight people in the back. One fortunately survived. Seven of my congregants were shot dead in my sanctuary.”

For school students who caught buses at the intersection of Shady and Wilkins, those bus stops will be rerouted to stop at Shady and Northumberland.

The schools across the city will start this morning with a moment of silence.