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UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — Fayette County District Attorney Rich Bower gets a lot of letters, but recently, one addressed from the State Prison in Fayette County got his and law enforcement’s attention.

Authorities say it came from an inmate, identified as Walkeen Brown.

“Mr. Brown stated in the letter to Mr. Bower that he wanted to kill him. He wanted to rape his wife while his children watched,” said Tpr. Robert Broadwater, of Pennsylvania State Police. “The letter also went on to say that there was a bounty on his head, and even though [Walker is] incarcerated, his acquaintances know where [Bower] lives and they were coming to get him.”

State troopers immediately questioned Brown about the letter.

“He denied it,” said Tpr. Broadwater, “said that someone else wrote the later and in order to try to get him in trouble.”

Investigators say forensic evidence on the letter pointed to another inmate, identified as Tishon Jones.

“Mr. Jones related that he and Mr. Brown are friends,” Tpr. Broadwater said.

(Source: Pennsylvania State Police)

When finally confronted with the evidence, investigators say Brown and Jones admitted to writing the letter but didn’t mean any harm.

“They had conspired, as a joke, to write this letter to the District Attorney’s Office,” Tpr. Broadwater said. “Mr. Bower, at no time, recollects ever dealing with any of these individuals on a professional or personal level.”

Brown and Jones remain in SCI Fayette. They are awaiting a preliminary hearing on felony charges, including terroristic threats.