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MT. PLEASANT (KDKA) — Police in Westmoreland County are looking for two men who they say are going door-to-door, posing as utility workers and scamming people out of their money and valuables.

“Right away, I was so upset,” said Ted Czekaj, one of the victims. “More ashamed than anything that I could let this happen to me.”

Czekaj, who lives in Mount Pleasant, recently got a knock on the door from a man who he thought was a member of a construction crew working nearby.

“They’d been putting gas lines in on all the streets above me. They’re up there working,” said Czekaj.

The man claimed to be working for “The Power Company,” and needed to see the home’s fuse box, which is in the basement. Little did Czekaj know, there was a third person now in his home.

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“I guess someone was upstairs. I couldn’t hear them or nothing,” he said.

That individual quietly ransacked the upstairs. Then, after about 15 minutes, the scammers took off. Czekaj went upstairs and knew something wasn’t right.

“When you back track, you could see it wasn’t right, nothing added up,” said Czekaj.

What did add up was the amount of valuables and money now gone from Czekaj’s home, including what was in a small safe he thought he had hidden well.

“I had just gone to the bank that day. I had $600 I had just put in there, right on top,” said Czekaj. “You don’t know them, don’t even answer the door.”

Police say the suspect and his accomplice may be traveling in a gray SUV, possibly a Subaru or Kia.

In addition to Mount Pleasant, similar incidents have been reported in Connellsville and Scottdale. Police are asking residents to keep their eyes open and be aware of a potential scam.

Also, police say if someone doesn’t have proper identification just don’t let them in.