By Amy Wadas

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FALLOWFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A Washington County community is scrambling to figure out how to replace several of its snow removal vehicles after they were destroyed in a fire.

Nothing is left but a charred mess. Three vehicles used to plow snow and salt the roads are gone.

“It appears at first look, one of our trucks caught fire and set the building on fire,” said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Bruce Smith.

The Fallowfield Township Municipal Building that houses these vehicles caught fire and so did a lot of supplies.

(Photo Courtesy: Fallowfield Fire Company)

“Some small hand tools and maintenance equipment got damaged. Heat and smoke damage and it appears all of our small parts and maintenance supplies were destroyed as well,” said Smith.

It’s unclear how the fire started around 2:30 a.m. Friday.

“It was a gentleman across the street at the fire department we think noticed it first,” said Smith.

As for township officials, they can’t even begin to figure out how much this loss will cost. Officials still have a fourth vehicle they can use for snow removal and may be able to retrofit a piece of equipment to get by.

“We’re hoping we can find a supplier that has a trade-in, used equipment we can procure,” said Smith.

Thankfully, the support of surrounding municipalities will make a difference and help Fallowfield Township with its snow removal in the interim.

“There’s never a good time, but this is a bad time with the holidays coming up. It’s going to be a real task trying to coordinate all this,” said Smith.