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CENTER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The Beaver County Humane Society is asking the public for help finding whoever dumped two neglected, senior dogs in Monaca Heights.

Officials say the two Chihuahuas were found tossed away in a cardboard box on the side of the road. They were left alone for several days, most likely since sometime this past weekend.

Beaver County Humane Society Police Officer Mary Sparks told KDKA-TV News, “The box was soaking wet. There was a group of parents at the bus stop on Ridge Road. One of the dogs must have heard the people talking, cause it popped its head out of the box.”

Had the dogs been in the box another day or so, they might not have survived. They were brought to the shelter Tuesday morning for care and medical treatment.

According to the shelter’s Executive Director Susan Salyards, both dogs are infested with fleas. One of the cases is so bad, the dog is missing fur on his back and tail.

(Source: Beaver County Humane Society)

She says the dogs also have dental issues.

The smaller of the two dogs is estimated to be about 8-years-old, the larger chihuahua is around 10-years-old. While both need extensive veterinary care, the dogs do not appear to be malnourished.

But why they were abandoned so cruelly, and who abandoned them is not known.

Officials say the younger one cannot put weight on his right hind leg, and will need x-rays. The older dog appears to have a tumor and ulcer on his right eye.

“The dogs seem to be in good condition,” said Slayards. “They do have some health issues we are dealing with, but for elderly dogs, they are in pretty good health.”

(Source: Beaver County Humane Society)

(Source: Beaver County Humane Society)

Both will require extensive medical care.

In a press release, Salyards says: “There is no reason whatsoever to dump puppies, kittens or any other animals where they are certain to die in this cold weather. Anyone can surrender unwanted animals at the BCHS where they’ll have an opportunity to find a good, loving home.”

The Beaver County Humane Society’s humane officer is investigating the case. A suspect convicted of animal cruelty or abuse could face up to two years in prison, a fine of up to $5,000 or both.

“We are turning over every stone to try to figure out who did this to these poor animals,” Sparks said.

Anyone with information on where the dogs came from or who might have dumped them, is asked to call 724-775-5801 x110.

Eventually, the shelter wants to put the animals up for adoption, as a pair, once they receive medical treatment and a veterinarian gives them the okay. Visit the Beaver County Humane Society’s website at this link.

Ralph Iannotti