By Ross Guidotti

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MONESSEN (KDKA) — A Westmoreland County woman is facing charges after police say she caused thousands of dollars in damage to a mausoleum where she and her ex-boyfriend met for romantic rendezvous.

Erik Harter says his relationship with his former girlfriend, Amy Large, can be summarized in one word.

As Harter put it, “Hell. That’s all I can come up with in a word is ‘hell.'”


According to Harter and Monessen Police, Large is accused in a series of harassing phone calls and acts of vandalism against Harter and his family.

“It’s tearing me up, ’cause of my family,” Harter said.

Harter and Large recently split up, and not long after, bad things started happening, including what police say the 43-year-old woman allegedly did to Harter’s father’s car.

Harter: “She keyed it.
KDKA’s Ross Guidotti: “When you say keyed it, how bad?”
Harter: “Bad, $1,600 worth of damage.”

Investigators say Large carved a message into the vehicle.

“Something about ‘karma was a bitch,'” said Harter.

However, Monessen Police say what Large allegedly did to the mausoleum at Monessen’s Grandview Cemetery was worse.

“Arrangements had been shredded, tossed around, there was two chairs that had been damaged,” said Don Gregor, the cemetery’s superintendent. “The damage comes to about $2,400, $2,500.”

Investigators say she’s also accused of urinating on the floor, using cigarettes to cause burn marks and carving into the furniture.

Investigators say Large targeted the mausoleum because it was a place she and Harter often met for their romantic rendezvous over their 20-year on-and-off-again relationship.

“This was payback for her getting dumped by him,” said Gregor.

Large, who is also from Monessen, faces multiple felonies, including burglary and institutional vandalism. She’s free awaiting her preliminary arraignment.

Meanwhile, Harter says he lives in fear. A love gone bad is one thing, but what he and his family have endured is “agony.”

“It’s tearing everyone apart,” he said.