By Andy Sheehan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Jubilee Kitchen serves a hot meal every day of the year, and folks like Theodore Bradley have come to rely on that.

“Wonderful cause I come here every day,” said Theodore Bradley.

But on Thanksgiving the meal is special — and the traditional turkey, mash potatoes and gravy are ladled out by a small army of line servers and taken to the tables by volunteer waiters and waitresses.

“It’s just giving back to the community. Realizing that anyone of us could be in this position at any time,” said Lynn Bouchier.

It feels good to give back. that’s why Thomas Saikaly and his dad, Sandy, come down here to the Hill District a couple times a month to help out.

Jubilee offers others services as well, a daycare for working mom’s, a food pantry and coats and clothes for the coming winter. Volunteer Cook Daniel Stitt says Jubilee gives needy folks more than just food.

“We’re the family for a lot of people too. So, this is a family atmosphere as well. I consider a lot this person an extension of my family.”