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MOUNT PLEASANT (KDKA) – The first of the 110th Infantry have a storied battle history, from the world wars to present conflicts, the Mount Pleasant base has seen action.

On Thanksgiving, however, the unit had a very different mission: not to take and old enemy ground, but to take food to help feed the people of the nation they serve.

“It’s extremely humbling,” said Major Francisco Junkin. “We’re given a lot and we like to give back to the community as well.”

28 years and running the unit has been prepping, cooking and delivering Thanksgiving meals in the area.

“It’s a lot of people giving up their personal time to help other folks,” said SSGT Keith Ferrington.

Area businesses and churches help donate the food, the soldiers and other volunteers put it all together and like most effective military operations this is no fly by night battle plan.

“Prep begins before Halloween,” “I think our turkeys are the easiest to cook. I think the mashed potatoes are a labor of love and take the most time and get the most attention.”

Unlike military MRE’s, this food is actually outstanding and appreciated by those who receive it.

“When you deliver meals they want to hug you, take pictures with you,” said SSGT Ferrington.

This year’s deliveries out the door and clean up complete the citizen soldiers head home having the most genuine sense of serving their country.

“I’m extremely fortunate to command this unit,” “It’s a better unit than I deserve, they’re great soldiers, I’m very fortunate.”