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AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — At an Ambridge gas station on Merchant Street where two men were shot and killed hours earlier, Friday night there was an emotional gathering of friends and relatives of the two 29-year-old shooting victims, Brandon Everett and Lamar Seymour.

“My heart just breaks for my grandkids and my daughter, and some of the stuff these young kids are doing is just nonsense. It’s just time to wake up and realize how short life is,” Pastor Damon Bratton, Seymour’s father-in-law, said.

There was a brief candlelight vigil and balloon release at the gas station Friday night.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Darius Tyson said Seymour was more like a brother than a close friend.

“Five children, he takes care all of his children with his wife. He just got married. He was a great person. He doesn’t go around picking stuff with nobody,” Tyson said.

The middle of the night quiet and routine at the gas station was shattered by gunfire around 2:30 Friday morning. When police arrived, they found Everett and Seymour lying on the ground, dead.

Taken into custody nearby was the suspected shooter, 31-year-old Brandon Lee Richardson, a local rapper who went by the name “Born Ready.” Richardson was booked on two counts of criminal homicide. Richardson said he shot the men after Everett, Seymour and three others assaulted him.

Dana Jones, Zachary Berry and Maria Escobedo are now all in the Beaver County Jail charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.