By Ross Guidotti

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IRWIN (KDKA) — State police say what one man allegedly did the Valero gas station in Irwin can be summed up in a few words like disgusting and unspeakable.

Investigators say the male exposed himself to the female clerk on duty, allegedly preparing for the act before he even entered the store.

Video shows the individual buying an ice tea, walking up to the counter, then displaying cash and a lot more.

(Photo Provided)

State police say this kind of activity where an individual exposes himself for whatever particular enjoyment they derive is not terrible uncommon. As a matter of fact, it happened a couple times at a Hempfield Township Sonic and a fabric store nearby.

While one could see this as a tasteless joke by a sick mind, police say it’s no laughing matter. What starts out as exhibitionism can lead to much worse, including predatory sexual behavior.

Troopers think this individual probably had done this kind of thing before.

Troopers say the clerk, who didn’t see this coming, kept her cool and called police. The suspect, on the other hand, walked out with what looked to be a grin on his face.

State police are asking for any tips that could lead to the suspect’s arrest.