By Ralph Iannotti

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Confirmation came Wednesday night from a Pittsburgh official that city taxpayers picked up the bar tab for undercover Pittsburgh Police officers the night of a barroom brawl with four members of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club at Kopy’s Bar on the South Side. The fight happened in October.

The mayor’s spokesman, Tim McNulty, confirmed that the city paid the bill.


The owner of Kopy’s said the officers were drinking heavily for at least four hours before the brawl erupted. Mayor Peduto told KDKA News earlier that four detectives are on paid leave for the time being as multiple investigations continue into the melee.

“Internally, [there’s an investigation] with the Bureau of Police and working with the Public Safety Director and the Chief on that information. OMI is doing its own independent investigation. The Citizens Police Review Board is doing their investigation, and the FBI is doing a fourth investigation This is being looked at on a constant basis,” Peduto said.

Ralph Iannotti