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KITTANNING (KDKA) — Several children who were mistakenly admitted to an Armstrong County pre-K program are now being kicked out.

Nick McGaughey says his 4-year-old son has enjoyed his first few months of pre-school at South Buffalo Elementary in Freeport, but suddenly, McGaughey has to explain to his son that he’s not going back.

“He’s made relationships with the teachers. He’s made progress in school. How do you explain to a 4-year-old, hey, your dad makes too much money, you can’t go to school anymore,” McGaughey said.

The pre-school program is run through the Armstrong Community Action Agency, which receives local, state and federal money.

The government-funded program requires the students come from families who are near the poverty line.

The families of the children being kicked out make too much money to qualify.

“It was incorrect because the person who enrolled them, [when he] found out they were over income, should not have enrolled them,” Ken Heilman, with Armstrong Community Action, said.

The program admits it made a mistake and is working to find spots at other schools for the students.