PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It is the year of smart devices. Amazon, Google, Facebook, they will all have their gadgets under Christmas trees across America.

There is nothing like opening a new gadget and wondering, ‘What do I do with this?’ Like Facebook’s Portal. It is a FaceTime-like device that allows you to be virtually in the room.

To use these devices you will need a tablet or phone to do the set up through the Alexa and Facebook Messenger apps.

The ability to use Alexa and Facebook are both free services. After the initial setup, you can use the Portal with just your voice. From Portal to the Echo Dot and everything in between, all these devices have a common theme: they will not work without wi-fi.

One connected on wi-fi, Google Home is a know it all. With Google’s voice recognition software, you can pretty much ask Google any questions you have throughout the day.

Installing other smart devices can enable you to automate your home.

You could use smart devices to turn on lights, control the temperature inside your home or even turn on your television.

It all depends on how many devices you want to install in your home.