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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A man accused of assaulting a Pittsburgh Police Officer after a fight at McFadden’s Bar appeared in court.

It was 9:00 p.m. on Dec. 16, when police and EMS were called out to McFadden’s Bar. There was a report of a fight involving a large group of people where a woman was knocked unconscious.

When police went inside they saw 29-year-old Ryan Brophy being removed by a security guard.

“The first thing to note is that Ryan Brophy was not involved in any way in any assault. It was his sister actually who was assaulted and knocked unconscious and that was the result of the actions of security at McFadden’s Bar,” said Brophy’s attorney Albert Veverka.

Police said once Brophy was outside and police approached him, he grabbed one of the officers by the throat and choked him.

Police also said he screamed and swore and was trying to punch the officer as he was being arrested. On Dec. 26 at City Court, Brophy and his attorney worked out the terms of a plea agreement.

“Ryan was involved in a scuffle outside which has resulted today in a postponement for him to come back and get a disorderly conduct, which is akin to a traffic ticket,” said Veverka.

According to police, security video showed Brophy’s sister, Kayla, pulling at a security guard when he was removing her brother, and that’s when she was hit and knocked unconscious.

She was cited for disorderly conduct.

“This incident was very unfortunate. He’s looking forward to putting it behind him and we’re very happy with the result today,” said Veverka. According to Veverka, Brophy will be fined as part of his penalty.