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BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) – A large tree toppled onto a house in Beaver County Thursday night.

“It was about an 80 foot tall tree at least and I wasn’t climbing up to measure it,” Bob Brickner said.

Eighty feet of solid wood are now turned sideways. The tree’s branches now hug the home on all sides.

“That whole bedroom, the back porch, the whole roof on this sides gone, the chimney,” he said.

(Photo Credit: Scott Danka/KDKA)

Brickner can’t fully wrap his head around what happened just yet.

“We realized it as soon as we came out on the porch and my railing is gone,” he said.

The tree uprooted and snapped just after midnight. It narrowly missed his step-son who was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom.

“My step-son ran out of his bedroom and he said the tree fell. And I thought it was the Christmas tree. It’s not,” Brickner said.

The tree’s branches reached the home next door. It ripped down gutters, shattered the side window and damaged the neighbor’s trailer.

“Apparently, there was a gust of wind that came along,” Brickner said.

Neighbors looked at the mess in awe.

Brickner said the next step will be to call his insurance.

Fortunately, there are no reported injuries.

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