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(CBS Local)– 2018 was a crazy year! While every year features ridiculous and wacky stories, this year deserves its own category. People started eating Tide Pods, Starbucks was caught serving a drink with blood and a pet monkey attacked its owner.

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In honor of the end of 2018 and the start of 2019, here are the top 10 craziest stories from our websites around the country.

Doctors Find Ketchup Packet Stuck In Woman For 6 Years

A woman in Great Britain had abdomen pain for six years and had no idea why. She finally got her answer when doctors discovered two pieces of a Heinz ketchup packet stuck to her lower intestine. The packet actually cut into the woman’s stomach and caused Crohn’s disease-like symptoms.

New California Declares Independence From Rest Of State

We have New York, New Hampshire and New Mexico, and for a minute we had talk of a New California. The people behind this movement don’t want to leave the United States, but they want to make some changes.

Safety Experts Warn Of ‘Tide Pod’ Challenge

This challenge was up there as the stupidest of 2018. Everyone from experienced medical professionals to New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski weighed in on this social media trend. Let’s hope nobody is eating Tide Pods in 2019.

Sushi Lover Pulls 5-Foot Tapeworm From Own Body

You may not want to eat raw fish again after reading this story. A man in California said he ate raw salmon every day and ended up getting a 5-foot tapeworm removed at the hospital. The tapeworm reportedly began to leave the man’s body while he was sitting on the toilet.

Hunter Airlifted To Hospital After Dead Goose Falls From Sky, Crashes Into His Head

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a dead goose? A hunting trip in Maryland ended with a different kind of bang for one man when he was hit in the head by a dead goose. The Maryland Natural Resources Police said these birds can weigh between 10 and 14 pounds and can cause severe damage to the head when they’re falling from 60 feet in the sky. The man was in stable condition after being transported to the hospital.

Starbucks Serves Woman Frappucino Containing Blood

A family in California sued Starbucks after a young girl found blood in her Frappucino. Amanda Vice’s daughter started licking the whipped cream off her drink when she noticed that blood was on the inside rim of her drink. Starbucks confirmed the incident and offered the family free drinks for a week.

Calif. Company Developing Next-Gen Sex Robots That Will ‘Fulfill Wildest Fantasies’

Just another example of robots taking over the world. A company in California hopes that one day these AI creations will become your friend, lover, companion and even your caregiver.

Dashcam Shows Crazed Man Jumping Onto School Bus Hood In Middle Of Highway

This is an evening commute that people in Massachusetts will never forget. Video shows a man hopping on the front of a school bus after he stopped his car in the middle of the highway. Joe Rizoli has been driving buses since 1979 and said this was the strangest thing he’s ever seen.

Pet Monkey Attacks Home Depot Employee After Owner Takes It Shopping

People leave their dogs in the car all the time, but not too many people leave their pet monkeys in their vehicle. The decision didn’t work out so well for a Florida woman after her pet monkey went rogue and attacked a Home Depot employee. The monkey bit the employee and scratched her on the face. Note to self… leave the pet monkey at home when going to Home Depot.

Punk Rocker Mike Ness Accused Of Attacking Trump Supporter In Middle Of Concert

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This story highlights just how polarizing our politics were in 2018. Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness jumped off the stage and attacked a fan after Ness made statements about President Donald Trump in the middle of his performance. Tim Hildebrand claims that Ness gave him a concussion and two black eyes.